Christina & Jason’s Arizona Desert Engagement Session

March 15, 2016


Sometimes, what you were wanting all along drops in your lap when you’re least expecting it. Often times, life requires a leap of faith, even when it may sound crazy or scary. For Christina and Jason, that’s exactly what life required of them. Christina grew up in Michigan. She went to college and started her teaching career, all in Michigan. Jason is from Illinois. Both of them are from extremely small farming towns, and had given up hope on finding someone to love. So, they each made a leap of faith. Christina, from Michigan, got a job in Arizona. Jason, came from Illinois to work here too. Then, as all great love stories go, they met and fell in love! They say that they both had to leave the Midwest to find the one their heart was looking for. Less than a year later, with her grandmother’s ring in-hand, Jason got down on one knee and asked Christina to be his wife.

When we first met these two, we could see that their connection was obvious. It seemed like they’d been together for years! Conversation flowed easily, and we laughed into the night. We loved listening to their fascination with the desert, and their excitement of planning a truly desert-inspired wedding for next spring. They lit up when talking about bringing their families out to this wild west that they’ve grown to love. This is where they found each other, so of course it holds a big space in their hearts.

As we talked through locations for their engagement session, they kept saying things like, “No, we want MORE desert! We want it to feel like we’re lost in the true Arizona landscape!” So, we ended up on dirt roads, trekking through cacti to create these Arizona-inspired images for them. We each had our run-in with the evil chollas, but left with full hearts. We love how they turned out!



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