Mary & Taylor’s Saguaro Lake Engagement Session: Sneak Peek!

June 27, 2016

Saguaro Lake Engagement Session | Dan & Erin PhotoCInema

These two high school sweethearts lit up our lenses Saturday night! Mary and Taylor met in ceramics class – how cute is that?  Mary was a sophomore and Taylor a junior, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. We think Taylor might just have one of the raddest jobs ever (next to wedding photographer, of course).  He is a pro mountain biker!  So the two of them get to travel the country together visiting beautiful mountains and seeing new places.  What a fun adventure!  Taylor’s job has even taken him all the way to Australia, which we think is pretty incredible.

On Saturday, temps were at about 105 degrees, and so we were grateful for the shade of the big trees and the mountains out at Saguaro Lake, just above the Salt River. We even stopped at the River for a quick time wading, and it felt amazing!  We had just a great time exploring with these two.  Stay tuned for their full feature, and see what incredible wild animals joined us for a bit!

Saguaro Lake Engagement Session | Dan & Erin PhotoCInema

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