Tipsy Tuesday #5: How to Choose Your Wedding Hashtag

June 28, 2016

How to choose your wedding hashtag

When we got married, nearly 12 years ago (yikes!) we wanted to see the wedding through our guests’ eyes.  We wanted to have tons of photos that just captured the moments of the day that our photographer would miss.  Since it was soooo long ago, and social media wasn’t even a thing yet, we did the cool and trendy thing… we put disposable film cameras on every table!  You know the ones…


Photo from here.

It was great because it gave us tons of extra photos of our sweet guests just having a blast at our party, and captured the moments in between the bigger events of the evening.  I remember printing the photos and the fun of flipping through all of them.  I still have the scrapbook stuffed with all of the ones that turned out, and even a few that didn’t (it was 2004, guys).  Well, now, there is social media and about a bazillion ways to share photos.  Plus, every single guest comes with their own camera. Imagine all the crazy shots they’ll get of your party!  So, there is one way you can help your guests organize their photos online so that you can make that scrapbook today, too.

It is a growing trend you can’t deny – the wedding day hashtag!  Since guests will most likely be sharing away, you might as well take advantage of all that social sharing and ask them to hashtag those posts so you can check them all out later.  Whether you have an unplugged ceremony where you ask guests to just be present and take out their phones for the reception, a full-on open-shooting all day wedding, or a selfie stick photo booth, a wedding hashtag is a useful and fun way to get access to those fun snaps.

How to choose your wedding hashtag

Now, for the hard part…coming up with your hashtag!  Here are a couple quick tips:

1- Use your name(s) in a creative way if you can.  The three images above show off some of our favorite name-centric hashtags so far.  Carlyn & Matt’s new last name is Wunderlich… that’s a tough one to use!  They came up with #itsaWUNderfullife which we loved!  Also, Amanda & Brandon Best came up with #BestWedding2015, which wouldn’t sound as cute if their last name wasn’t such a fun one!  And Kenzie & Matt Streich (pronounced Strike) came up with #streichingold, which we thought was adorable as well.  Don’t have a cool name?  Try adding in the venue, date, or other distinguishing factor about your day.

2- Not feeling creative? Take to social media and use your friends!  When coming up with #itsaWUNderfullife, Carlyn & Matt had a Facebook contest among their friends to see who could come up with the best hashtag.  There were so many great ideas!  You never know what your friends can come up with until you give them the chance.

3- Once you’ve decided on THE ONE, go ahead and surf the social media sites for it.  Make sure it isn’t being used by anyone else.  You don’t want photos of Uncle Joe tearing it up on the dance floor mixed in with someone else’s cat videos.  If it is being used, consider adding the date or initials or something so it won’t be exactly the same.

4- If all else fails, use this Free Wedding Hashtag Generator!  Just enter your names and wedding date, and the site will provide you with a supply of fun and creative hashtags to get your social media marital bliss started off right. :)

How to choose your wedding hashtag

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