5 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

September 27, 2016

Questions to Ask Your Photographer | Dan & Erin PhotoCinema


We LOVE meeting with newly engaged couples.  In fact, it is one of our favorite parts of our job!  We usually sit down over some yummy coffee and chat about life, their relationship, work, stress, etc.  Eventually we get to talking about the wedding and photography/videography.  :)  Often times, the couples we chat with have read planning blogs or books and have a list of questions they’ve been told they’re supposed to ask their photographer.  And just as often, we meet with couples who have no idea what questions they want to ask.

Usually the wedding blogs & books suggest you ask about things like the type of gear used, or if the main photographer will be the one shooting your particular wedding.  Their suggestions are important, and are answers that most brides will probably want.  But, we’ve come up with a few questions we think are the best ones to ask when meeting with photographers for the first time, in order to truly get to the heart of who they are and if they will be the right fit for you.


Questions to Ask Your Photographer | Dan & Erin PhotoCinema


1.Why do you shoot weddings?  This is important.  If there is no why, then a photographer/videographer may also lack direction or purpose.  And that will translate to your images.

2.What is your favorite part about a wedding day?  A photographer or videographer will naturally want to shoot more and better imagery during the portion of the day that gets them the most fired up.  Make sure their answer aligns with your priorities.

3. What do you want us to walk away with after our wedding day?  This also gives you insight into a photographer’s priorities.  Some may just want you to have thousands of digital images to share and print to your heart’s content.  Some may want you to have a gorgeous heirloom album and no digitals.  Make sure their priorities align with yours.

4.Can you please explain your packages in detail, including payment schedules?  This may not be a “pretty” question, but it is extremely important.  You are investing a large amount of money in this person’s services, it is imperative to understand what is involved with that.

5.What is the most important thing you want us to know moving forward?  This is where you get into the photographer’s or videographer’s heart.  This is where you find out if he/she is in it for you or for your checkbook.  What is the most important thing they want you to know?  That is a big deal.
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