2017 Wedding Trends We LOVE

January 25, 2017

Three 2017 Wedding Trends We Hope Will Stay

pops of pink in bridal bouquet


Well, another year is over and we’re quickly heading into the start of the 2017 wedding season!  We can’t wait! It is going to be a great year, we can just feel it.  We know 2016 seemed like a rough year for a lot of you out there, but we think there were some gems over the course of the year, and we’re hopeful we’ll see more of those in this coming season.  So, without checking Pinterest or any of the popular wedding blogs (although we do love those resources), we’re going to highlight some of the trends we saw emerging in 2016 that we hope will stick around to become 2017 wedding trends as well.  These may not be the most popular or even have anything to do with color choices or dress silhouettes, but we’re confident that these trends are important too.  Here we go!


Using Family Heirlooms in Decor

One idea that we hope will become one of the 2017 wedding trends we see more of is using family heirlooms in the wedding decor. It is such a sweet way to represent family!  We love this sweet nod to history.  We love that it honors marriages and that it includes relatives on the wedding day.  What a beautiful story to tell! So, whether you have grandpa’s handkerchief, grandma’s cake topper, or mom’s veil, honoring family can be so special.

2017 wedding trends we love by Dan & Erin PhotoCinemaUsing heirlooms as wedding decor | Phoenix Backyard Wedding


Adding Pops of Color

For the last several years, wedding trends have been towards neutral color palettes.  We’ve seen grays, whites, tans, blush, etc.  To be clear, we LOVE those elegant color choices.  They make a wedding feel classy and romantic, and add a sweetness to the day. But we’re starting to see brides break out from that trend just a bit, and add pops of color to their neutral color palettes.  We think that is so much fun!  What better way to make a statement that to add some hot pink to your blush and gray tones?  Or a bright teal alongside mint and white? We’re also seeing darker tones like plum and navy make some appearances and we are loving that too.  The 2017 Pantone color of the year is Greenery…why not let green be your pop of color against blush and copper?  There are so many fun possibilities!!

hot pink and teal desert wedding decorPop of Color 2017 Wedding Trends We Love


The Daddy-Daughter First Look

This is one we are loving, let me tell you.  A wedding day is a huge deal for you, but we’re betting it’s a pretty huge deal for dad too. We just love that we’ve seen brides lately taking the time to honor dad with his special moment of seeing her in the dress for the first time.  The reaction from dad is usually super emotional and sweet. Plus, we love that it gives brides a moment with dad for him to depart any final words of wisdom and encouragement.  Now, we totally understand that not all brides have the best relationship with their dad.  If that is you, please hear us clearly when we say that we’re not trying to exclude you or make you feel bad whatsoever.  In fact, you can take this same idea and make it a mom-daughter first look, or grandfather, or even one with your bridesmaids.  We’ve seen it done in all of those ways and it is no less special!

Daddy-Daughter First Look at The Elegant Barn Gilbert AZDaddy-Daughter First Look, 2017 Wedding Trends we love

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pops of teal and pink wedding decor

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