3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Photography and Videography Team

November 1, 2018

Arizona Wedding Photography and Videography team by Arizona Wedding Photographers Dan & ErinPhotoCinema

Should You Hire a Wedding Photography and Videography Team? Here are 3 Reasons Why We Think You Should!

As a newly engaged bride-to-be, you have a mile-long list of the vendors you need for your wedding day. We totally get it. Often times, that list can seem so daunting! Who do you book first? What vendors and services are included in the venue package? Which vendors are the most important? Of course, we always recommend booking a wedding planner for these decisions. (Need a great planner? These girls are the best!) But, aside from that nugget of advice, we also believe with our whole hearts that hiring a wedding photography and videography team, rather than separate companies, is by far the way to go.

This is the heart of why we’ve spent so long working on structuring our business the way that it is. We believe that one cohesive team of storytellers gives a greater experience for the bride & groom, their families, and their guests – before, during, and after the wedding. So, why do we feel so strongly about this? Why should you hire a photography and videography team instead of two companies? We’ve got three reasons.

why you should hire a photo video team for your wedding day, Photography Videography team

1. Wedding Day Teamwork

The biggest reason we believe a wedding photography and videography team is right for most weddings is to foster easier wedding day teamwork. When you hire two different companies, there is a good chance they’ve never worked together before your wedding day, let alone even met. And you’re hiring each company to essentially do very similar jobs at the same time, but with different goals and outcomes. If these two companies aren’t used to working with one another, the potential for clashing personalities, goals, methods, and needs is quite great. And even with the kindest, most professional teams, there is a high probability of struggle.

When you book one team to cover both photography and videography, you are hiring one group of people who are trained to work together. They are there for one goal. They know one another and understand cues. The team moves fluidly throughout the day together. Dan and I are used to each other. We know what the other is thinking and how to get the shot together. And that’s not only because we are married! We are used to working together and have our wedding day “flow” down to a science. When photography and videography are working together, there are less things to think about and less people to coordinate. The day runs smoother and more peacefully.

Why you should hire a wedding photography videography team

2. Cohesive Storytelling

This is something we have worked tirelessly towards over the last several years. And we feel like we have finally hit our sweet spot. We’re going to tell you more about our storytelling process in future posts, but for us, the value comes in when we can tell one story, cohesively, in two mediums. Everything flows, from photography to video and back again. It makes sense. The two are seen from the same eyes, and are told similarly.

Also, the editing style is as close to the same as we can get, and we’re constantly working on improving that as well. It is not a simple feat to match video color to photo color. They are very different animals, and edit very differently. Technology has come a long way recently, and so we’ve worked really hard to get our video color to match as closely as possible to our light, natural, film-inspired look.

Why you should hire a wedding photography & videography team instead of two companies

3. Lower Cost

While this may not always be the case, we believe hiring one wedding photography and videography team can be more cost effective than hiring two separate teams. With one team, you are paying one studio, with one set of overhead costs, and one round of taxes. Often, this means there is an overall reduction in cost.

Why you should hire a photo video team for your wedding

Ultimately, the reason we only offer wedding collections that include both photography and videography is that our heart for weddings is to foster a peaceful, client-centered wedding day experience, and to tell their story in the best way we know how. We are so grateful for every couple we work with and for the chance to tell their story!

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