Kati & Stephen’s McCormick Ranch Wedding Video

December 6, 2018

McCormick Ranch Wedding Video, Story-driven wedding video, Arizona Wedding videographers

Kati & Stephen’s Story-Driven McCormick Ranch Wedding Video

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it 1,000 times: everyone has a story worth telling. Everyone’s story is different, and each story is valuable and important. By now, we’ve shot a bunch of weddings (we need to sit down and actually count them!) but you want to know something? No one has ever had the same story of someone else. Sure, there are commonalities. Maybe you met online or in a bar or on a blind date. Maybe you got engaged in Sedona or on Christmas Eve. But no story is 100% the same as anyone else’s. And that, friends, is what keeps this job so fun.

The best part about our mini documentary video (like this one) is that we get to sit down with the bride and groom separately at the beginning of their wedding day and talk through their story. We ask questions about how they met and when they knew they were going to marry that person. We ask about what they’re looking forward to in marriage. Why do we do this? Because we know that on the road of marriage, there are days that feel bumpy. Sometimes you fall into potholes and you’re not sure if you can keep going. Some days, it is easier to forget why you said yes way back at the beginning. So, we sit down and we ask for your story because we want you to remember this day on those days.

Kati & Stephen’s sweet video is no different. We love their McCormick Ranch wedding video, not only because of the beautiful details of the day, or the laughter and sweet vows, but because of their story. It is only theirs, and that’s what makes it perfect. Kati & Stephen met in a bar while Stephen was in town for work. How amazingly random is that? If she had chosen to say home, or he had picked a different bar on Mill Ave, they would have never met.

Kati chose to wear her hair down, with a bit pulled back to an elbow-length veil. It went beautifully with her lace sweetheart neckline gown. Some of my favorite moments of any wedding day are when the bride finally gets into her dress, with all of her closest girls by her side. Kati’s day was no exception, with her sweet mom and stepmom nearby to offer hugs and support. A first look with her teary-eyed dad topped it off.

The wedding was pulled together flawlessly by an exceptionally talented team, including the amazing people at McCormick Ranch and our sweet friend Annie with Garden Gate Flowers. We were so grateful to be a part of this day! We hope you enjoy Kati & Stephen’s McCormick Ranch wedding video as much as we do!

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