Big News: We’re Now Offering Coaching Sessions for Photographers!

February 28, 2019

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News! We Are Now Offering Coaching Sessions for New Photographers and Videographers Learning Video

Friends! We are so excited about this! We are now offering two-on-one coaching sessions for photographers who want to learn video. Over the years, as we’ve worked to build a photo-video business in the wedding industry, we have learned a lot of valuable lessons. We feel like we’re at the point now that we can look back on the road to where we are and see what we couldn’t see before. And we’d love to help newer photographers and videographers skip the mistakes we made.

Coaching sessions for new photographers learning video, how to start in videography

Are you a photographer that has looked at those photo-video companies and thought, “I can totally do that.” You see the HUGE benefits of housing both services under one company’s umbrella, and you’re wondering how to actually make it happen.

Or, maybe you’re a photographer that is killing it with family photos or senior portraits and you want to offer even more awesome products for your clients. Adding a small video to a senior photography package would be a huge opportunity for an up-sell. Or even more so, for a family session. How sweet would it be to add a lifestyle film to an at-home family session?

The next steps…

If this sounds like what you’ve been thinking about, or wanting to try, you have come to the right place. We know first-hand the challenges you face as a photographer trying to learn something new. You have a business to run, marketing to figure out, clients to please, plus a personal life (what’s that?!). Also attempting to learn an entirely new field of expertise seems overwhelming at best.

We have found that there are not a lot of educational materials out there when it comes to learning videography. Especially for photographers, who generally have figured out the basics of light, composition, camera settings, etc. We want to help fill that gap a bit. We believe that starts with coaching sessions for photographers who want to learn videography skills.

In our current market, video is king. Everyone wants video, and the overall quality of videos that are out there is definitely increasing. We watched the photography industry do this 10 years ago, and we see the same thing happening in the videography world now.

You, as a photographer, are at an advantage. You already know how to use your camera to achieve great results. Being able to flip that switch and confidently capture video – and then edit and deliver it – would put you several steps ahead.

Coaching sessions for photographers who want to learn video

Let’s Chat!

If this has been on your mind lately, we’d love to chat with you! Our coaching sessions are online, via FaceTime or Skype, and last an hour (or two). Dan and I (Erin) are both there, unless your chosen topic is more bent toward what one of us is great at. Here are some topics that we are often asked about:

  • Getting started in wedding photography
  • Structuring a business to offer both photo and video as one product
  • Marketing your business using video
  • Building a wedding day team that is awesome
  • Advice for married couples in business together
  • Shooting with Sony gear
  • Editing with Davinci Resolve
  • Exporting & storing video files

Click the image below to set up your coaching session, or click here to view all of our photographer resources on our website. We can’t wait to chat with you!

Coaching sessions for photographers who want to learn video

Or… grab a FREEBIE!

Don’t think you’re ready for a full-on coaching session? No problem! We have a FREE gift for you! Click the image below to receive our free pdf guide that outlines the 5 Keys to Adding Videography to Your Photography Business. Totally on us. Because everyone wants something free, right? ;)

coaching sessions for photographers wanting to learn video, how to add video to wedding photography business

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