Announcement! Video Masterclass for Photographers

March 15, 2019

Hey Photographers! Learn How to Shoot & Edit Video on Your Own Gear!

Ahhhh!!! We’re so excited about this announcement!! We are (finally) opening tickets for our VERY first (of many) Video Masterclass for Photographers. If you are a photographer in the Phoenix area, we’d loooove to have you join us! Here’s what we’re covering:

Friday afternoon, March 29, (4:30-6:30pm): A beautiful, epic engagement session styled shoot. We’ll shoot for a couple of hours, and even record them talking a bit. We’ll cover camera settings, stabilization techniques, mic techniques, and give you a chance to shoot some epic video. All you need is a camera that can also shoot video.

Saturday morning, March 30, (8:00am-12:00pm): Come back for an editing masterclass. All you need is a laptop & a card reader. We’ll show you what software to get, how to import the video from the night before, and the basics of editing. You’ll learn how to piece together clips, add audio files, do some basic color correction, and export and encode your files for playback.

Who it’s for:

Our video masterclass for photographers caters to any skill level photographer who wants to learn how to capture video, and then what to do with it. You can be a family photographer, wedding photographer, brand photographer, or still deciding. We know that you will learn something by taking part in this. You may not walk away ready to offer video production to your clients, but then again, you may. Our goal is for you to become more comfortable shooting video, and to know what to do when you get the files onto your computer. Learning how to work with video is a valuable skill in today’s marketplace that there are countless uses for!

What it costs:

You have the option to attend just the Friday shoot, or both the shoot and the editing masterclass. The shoot alone is $65, and both together are $225. Friends, that’s only $160 for four hours of editing instruction!

Click the image below to reserve your space!

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