"It was so nice knowing that I had a photographer/videographer that had my best interests at heart" -emily & ryan, 2016

Mary and I were absolutely amazed at not only the mind blowing photos and video you guys provided, but more importantly how kind, helpful and sweet you two were during the months leading up to and during our wedding day. Having you guys at our wedding seriously made me feel like everything was perfect. The way you guys helped us plan a timeline and your communication was so greatly appreciated. Mary and I would leave from meeting up with you and we would chat with each other and question how we got so lucky to work with seriously two of the most genuinely kind people we have had the pleasure of meeting. We felt connected to you guys from the moment we met you and we were so sure of our decision to have you capture our wedding. It seems rare these days to find people that are as real and kind as both of you. I really do wish every couple getting married was able to work with you guys and experience the same thing we were able to. If you are looking to have your wedding captured I cannot recommend Dan and Erin enough. Their photos are equally as beautiful as the team that they are.

mary & taylor

sukeshi & james

Their photos are breathtaking and truly captured the magic of our wedding day. Right off the bat, you can tell they are incredibly professional, passionate and caring people who love what they do. They really care about their clients and work hard to build a relationship before the wedding even happens. Dan and Erin were always willing to answer any questions we had and provided advice in other aspects of our wedding day. They are great communicators and usually respond to emails within a few days, no more than a week later. The day of our wedding, Dan and Erin were very polite and pleasant, but also effective at wrangling the bridal party, family and other guests during picture sessions. They were able to hang back to avoid interrupting the ceremony and other festivities, while still capturing beautiful shots. We never felt awkward or uncomfortable with Dan and Erin, it felt like taking some pictures with a couple of friends. Overall, my husband and I were very impressed and thrilled with the services Dan & Erin PhotoCinema provided and would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for a photojournalistic approach to capturing their wedding day.

amanda & brandon

Dan and Erin made both our engagement session and wedding photo shoots so much fun. Neither my husband or I love having all eyes on us, so I'd say we were a bit nervous before our engagement shoot. But once we got started, we immediately felt comfortable and were able to be ourselves and truly enjoy the process, laughing and just being us. Not to mention, they are both talented photographers and videographers. I loved all of the finished products, and they really can pick out the magic in just about any setting. They did a phenomenal job and the photos show who we truly are!  We highly recommend you hire this fun and truly gifted couple!

Emily & ryan

Working with Dan and Erin is such a pleasure! Their portfolio speaks for itself; stunning images and carefully edited videos. It was so nice knowing that I had a photographer/videographer that had my best interests at heart rather than how much money they can make. From reviewing my timeline and offering suggestions to fluffing my dress the day-of, Dan and Erin were there for whatever I needed. I would definitely recommend working with them!

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All day wedding day photography & videography coverage by Dan & Erin & team
Digital photo gallery ready to download & share
10-12 Minute Handcrafted Wedding Film
Full Ceremony Film
1 Minute Social Media Trailer
Heirloom Photo Album
Engagement Session
Attentive Client Care Specialist

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associate options

We offer the additional option to book with one of our trusted associate photographers and/or videographers. These amazing pros have been trained by us and we trust them entirely. Booking with an associate can allow you the same great service, but a more budget-friendly product. Please contact us for more information!


the heirloom collection

Every wedding collection includes a credit to use on our exclusive Heirloom Collection.  It is our hope that all of our brides and grooms use this credit to begin telling a tangible story of their love.  We don't want your wedding photos to just live on your hard drive, we want them on your walls and in your hands! Our Heirloom Collection includes gorgeous hardwood boxes, handcrafted and designed to hold your most precious memories. Include your wedding photos, and later add a copy of your invitation, dried flowers from your bouquet, and grains of sand from your honeymoon beach. You are also able to choose from beautiful fine art albums, meticulously crafted and emulating the look and feel of an artist's journal, ready to stand the tests of time. We believe these products are important because your story  and your marriage deserve to be recorded.






what camera system do you use?

For many years, we both shot on Canon cameras. Over the last couple of years, however, we have switched over to shooting almost entirely with Sony gear.  The advancements that Sony has made in video capture makes it so that we can deliver stunning photos and cinematography from your wedding day without switching gear.

do you bring along any additional shooters?

Yes, usually.  Most of our packages account for at least one additional photographer.  Often times, we will bring an additional photographer, an additional videographer, and a non-shooting assistant to help with gear management and audio recording.  The amount of team members we bring along depends on the package you select.

do we get to keep all the images shot?

All of the good ones! We shoot many duplicates over the course of the wedding day, just to be sure we have the best possible outcome per shot. Then, we spend a lot of hours hand selecting the best images. for you to keep.  We weed out all of the duplicates, eye blinks, blurry images, and awkward expressions so that you don't have to. In the end, you get to see the best images and don't have to worry about the rest!  We promise we won't leave anything out! Additionally, each image you see will already be hand-edited and corrected for lighting, exposure, color, major skin issues, and just overall awesomeness.

do we get to keep all the video shot?

We do not release all of the unedited raw video footage. As with the photos, we spend a great deal of time hand-selecting the best video clips of the day and crafting them together to tell the story of your wedding. We do the work so you don't have to. It takes quite a bit of time and practice over the years to be able to know which clips will create a beautiful wedding story. Plus, if you don't want to miss the most important parts of the day, we do have the option to add on the complete uncut ceremony, toasts, and reception dedication dances (first dance, father-daughter dance, etc).

how long until we get our images and video?

We get to work right away after your wedding, and usually have a sneak peek posted for you while you're still honeymooning!  The rest of the photos are delivered within 6 weeks of your wedding day, and the video is delivered with 12 weeks.

can we hire you for less than 10 hours?

When we added videography to our wedding day services, we decided that we would rather be there for 10 hours and be able to capture the whole story of the day, instead of miss the beginning or the end.  Our packages include "up to" 10 hours, so you may not need to use the entire amount. We also have separate packages available for elopements and intimate weddings that may only last 3-6 hours.

how long have you been shooting professionally?

Dan has been shooting professional video since 2002, and Erin has been shooting photography professionally since 2008.  We combined our areas of expertise, and taught one another what we'd learned.  In 2014 we officially began combining photo and video for weddings.

do you work from a shot list?

We strongly believe that all wedding days (as well as all couples) are unique and tell their own story.  We've been capturing weddings long enough that we know what shots we usually get and what shots are always a must.  We know how to watch for the moments that make each day unique, and capture those as they unfold.  When a couple hires us, we know we are asking for a lot of trust.  We believe we will capture each wedding day with the consistency and style you have seen in our preceding weddings. So, we ask that you don't worry about creating a shot list for the entire day.  When the time comes, we will work with you to create a list of family photos, as well as any must-have details or groupings that may be exceptionally unique.

how many photos can we expect?

For a typical wedding day, we deliver 50-75 photos per hour of coverage.  So, for a 10-hour package, you can expect at least 500-750 images.  Many wedding days even allow for more, depending on the events of the day. 

will you help us with our timeline?

Yes, yes, yes! We know approximately how long each event takes over the course of a typical day, how long to allow for running late, and what time of day would be best for each type of shooting. So, yes, we will gladly help with your timeline.  Furthermore, we will initiate build the timeline based on a series of questionnaires we'll send you all about your plans.  Can't wait to get started!

we're on a budget...do you offer discounts?

The pricing on our packages has been crafted based on the time, expenses, and level of service that goes into each wedding day.  We believe, and our past clients agree, that we are worth what we cost. So, no, we do not offer discounts. However, we do have options that can work with tighter budgets, including our associate wedding packages.  When booking an associate, you still get the same great level of service, but another trusted photographer or videographer will be capturing your day, rather than Dan and Erin.

i/we don't photograph well, can you help?

We are firm believers that everyone photographs well, it is just a matter of comfort level! We work hard to help you be yourselves, and don't often ask you to stand in specific poses.  We promise we won't ask you to "hold it right there and say cheese!" We take frequent breaks, always talking and laughing.  We also give a lot of "breathing room" during our shooting time, where we just allow you to be you... to laugh, kiss, or just stand there and take in the moment. This comfort level is why we include an engagement session in every one of our packages. It is a big confidence booster to get in front of the camera at least once before the big day.

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